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Private Music Therapy Sessions

*We are not accepting private clients at this time. Please contact us if you would like to be put on a wait list.*

Private music therapy sessions for individuals conveniently take place either in-home or on-site (school, child care, day program, etc.) and are conducted by a board-certified music therapist. Services are provided to individuals who are neurodivergent or have other disabilities, including those with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and sensory processing disorder. Private music therapy is offered in a one-on-one setting. 


For individuals with disabilities, music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to facilitate development of skills. Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that includes assessment, treatment plan, goals, and ongoing evaluation and documentation.


Goals addressed during music therapy may include:


  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills

  • Fine and gross motor functioning

  • Social skills

  • Emotional awareness and expression

  • Cognitive and academic skills

  • Sensory awareness and tolerance

  • Behavior Management


Types of music experiences that take place during a session may include:


  • Instrument playing

  • Singing

  • Music and movement

  • Improvisation

  • Song-writing

  • Music games

  • Music and art

  • Receptive music listening

  • Adapted music lessons


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