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Early Childhood Music Groups


Sunflower Music provides on-site services to your school or child care center with 30-minute music groups customized to meet the unique needs of each group of children.  Why have our groups at your program? Children LOVE music! They are naturally inclined toward rhythm and melody, which makes music an effective, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate way to teach skills. Music is also multi-sensory and can motivate and engage children of all ages and developmental levels, particularly during early childhood. Each component of a session is designed with a specific non-musical goal in mind. From start to finish, the children experience a fun and engaging music group that also targets academic, social-emotional, communication, and fine and gross motor skills.  


Groups are 30 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 18 children. Sarah will create unique lesson plans to support your curriculum or current theme and provide teachers and assistants with new ideas about how to teach through music. Since Sunflower Music provides on-site services, you do not have to negotiate travel time or related expenses to provide a specialized music group for your center.


Music experiences may include:

  • Greeting and closing songs

  • Instrument playing/exploration

  • Music and movement

  • Books and music

  • Singing

  • Fingerplays

  • Felt board activities

  • Prop and puppet play

Music groups can promote:

  • Social skills

  • Communication skills

  • Emotional expression

  • Vocabulary, letter recognition, and other literacy skills

  • Motor skills

  • Sensory awareness and tolerance

  • Pre-academic and academic skills (i.e. numbers, colors, shapes, etc.)

  • Attention to task/impulse control


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