About Us


Welcome to Sunflower Music! My name is Sarah Niileksela, but you may know me as Singing Sarah! :) I am an early childhood music specialist and board-certified music therapist in the Lawrence, KS area.  Here at Sunflower Music, we have a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to teaching and helping clients achieve goals through music, movement, and play.  Our early childhood music groups, community classes, and private music therapy sessions provide opportunities for growth and learning for children of all abilities, drawing upon their inherent love of and natural inclination toward music to target social-emotional, communication, cognitive, academic, and motor skills.  Sunflower Music also strives to meet the needs of the community of Lawrence and its surrounding areas through music therapy groups and private sessions for all populations that may benefit from our services. 

Our Vision

Sunflower Music will:

  • Provide center and school-based music therapy groups to promote whole child development and literacy learning.

  • Provide community storytimes that promote whole child development and encourage family interaction through music.

  • Provide evidence-based, compassionate, and individualized one-on-one therapy to clients with disabilities in their homes.

  • Provide professional development trainings about music therapy to early childhood educators.

Who We Are

Sarah Niileksela, MT-BC

"Singing Sarah" is an early childhood music specialist, board-certified music therapist, and owner/director of Sunflower Music.  She graduated from KU in 2003 and has worked as a music therapist with a variety of populations, including early childhood, children and adults with disabilities, and patients in hospitals and behavioral health units.  Sarah has had extensive training on the use of music to teach literacy skills and has been asked to present on the topic to early childhood educators around northeast Kansas.  Sarah is passionate about working in early childhood and wants her work to foster a life-long love of music and reading in children as well as help them grow and develop skills through the joy of active music-making.  She has an awesome husband, loves KU basketball, and is passionate about dog rescue. 




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