"Our daughter was very musically inclined, so I sought out a music therapist, and we started weekly sessions with Sarah.  Music therapy saved us.  Our daughter was not speaking in sentences when she started and by the end of the year she could." - Hillary, parent of child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


"Sarah is very talented at working with young children. My kids have learned and benefited so much from the class. We have been involved in many kids' activities in the area, and Sarah's class is one of the very best." - Music & More parent


"I am so blessed to have Sarah come to my program. She gives my childcare the best program all in the comfort of our daycare home. May she forever be around passing beautiful smiles!" - Vickey, child care provider


“Sarah’s upbeat, engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons bring. . .the child into action. The lessons she provides can all be repeated in the classroom by staff throughout the week; the reiteration of lessons boosts the learning of information that much more. I truly do not believe my teaching, my students’ learning or my child’s educational knowledge would be as great as it is without the involvement of Sarah Niileksela" - Shanna, Preschool Teacher and Parent

“Music is helping my children to be better people, emotionally, socially, and behaviorally as well as increasing their learning capabilities.” - Eryn, Preschool Teacher


"My 5 year old has taken 3 classes with Singing Sarah.  He counts the days to go to music class.  Besides loving it, he has blossomed in his speech, singing, rhythm, story-telling (pre-reading) and many other areas.  You will not find a more thorough educator/musician/friend for your child than Singing Sarah." - Stephanie, parent