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Babies Make Music!

Thank you to everyone who joined the summer classes!

No new classes are scheduled at this time.

Babies instinctively react to music! This interactive music class for babies and their caregivers follows the curriculum of Music Rhapsody, a program that was developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner. I will weave other songs and activities I've learned over the last 19+ years of working with children into this wonderful curriculum. We'll play instruments and learn fun rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, action songs, and dances that stimulate your baby's natural response to music. This class is designed for babies 6 months up to 2 years and also provides amazing opportunities for bonding, developing listening and motor skills, language development, and a sense of balance and timing.

Instrument kits are recommended but not required and include a drum, maraca, bell, and scarf.

Cost: June only - $80

         July only - $60

         Full summer (7 classes) - $125

         Drop-in - $25

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