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Music & More Classes

**These classes are suspended at this time due to concerns related to COVID-19**

Check out my virtual class option here


Stay tuned for the future of Music & More classes now that Laugh Out Loud Family Zone has closed.

Music & More classes are the unique creation of Sunflower Music’s founder, "Singing Sarah" Niileksela and were launched in April of 2013.  Sarah was inspired to provide community-based classes with a dynamic, varied, and flexible curriculum.  Class lessons are created from over 17 years of experience, ongoing research into new and fun activities, and the knowledge gained from working with over 30 different teachers in their early childhood classrooms.


Music & More classes are a great option for families with multiple children, as we offer a 50% sibling discount on the enrollment fee! The 30-minute music portion of class draws on children’s inherent love of and natural inclination toward music to promote whole child development and encourage family interaction through music.   Classes are very active, catering to the young child's need to move.  Children and caregivers will sing, dance, play instruments, read stories, and even make crafts.  Experiencing the joy of music at a young age not only supports a child’s development, but also fosters a life-long love of music!


Each class also includes 30 minutes of adult-child interaction in Laugh Out Loud Family Zone's fabulous indoor facility, exclusively for class participants. LOL offers children a place to engage in physical and educational, parent-supervised activities, year-round, in a safe and clean environment.  Learn more about LOL at


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