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Challenges and Contemplations

At this time last year, I had chosen the word “listen” as my focus word for 2023.

I did listen to myself when I knew I couldn’t take the time to make more blog posts, as much as I want to share ideas with others. If you know me personally, you know that our dogs are our family. We love them deeply. We spent over half the year with the knowledge that one of our dogs had a terminal tumor growing in his mouth. We knew our time with him was limited, but we had no idea that within 6 months not just him, but two others of our dogs would die. This grief has been overwhelming.


I listened to my body when a lingering back injury and chronic pain would not go away. I will readily admit I didn’t want to hear the answer provided by an MRI – annular tear, spinal stenosis, and bulging disc. Some of these things can be helped with time and physical therapy, but my job does not lend itself to being easy on my back. It’s hard to keep groups of young children engaged without using your full body and dysregulated clients can be physical. Now I don’t know how much longer I can sustain. It’s a terrifying thought for someone who is only halfway through her career.


For 2024 I have chosen the word “health.” My health, both physical and mental, has to become more of a priority so that I can keep being “Singing Sarah” and be the best version of myself possible. In this pursuit, I ask for your patience as I may need more help physically, especially from caregivers at storytimes and from coworkers at childcares and schools. I may not be able to dance as silly or bring as many different instruments or props, but I promise I will do my best.


I am so forever grateful to the amazing people who support me and Sunflower Music and to the music therapists and educators who inspire me every day. Thank you.

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1 Comment

Jan 24

So sorry to hear Sarah! I'll keep you in my prayers. You have been so wonderful for so many kids! May your health improve and the love your music spreads continue! ❤️

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